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GLFAM exists to support fire departments from the Great Lakes region seeking to improved their organization by going through the accreditation process proved by the Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI) and the Center for Public Safety Excellence (CPSE).

Chairperson:  Chief Mark Puknaitis, Naperville FD

Administrative Professional of the Year

The status of Administrative Professional of the Year is an honorary title for Administrative Professionals within the Illinois Fire Service.  It is reserved to recognize an individual with outstanding and significant contributions to the fire service within their communities, the state, local and regional committees or associations, and individual educational achievements related to the fire service.  Administrative Professional of the Year award highlights diverse activities setting them apart from their peers.

Chairperson:  Chief Tom Styczynski, Alsip FD

Annual Conference

The IFCA Conference is the annual meeting of the Association and Foundation. The Conference Committee is responsible for the organization and planning of this annual event.  In addition, it is also responsible for scheduling programs and speakers that will provide educational opportunities to the membership that will allow them to lead their organizations more effectively and efficiently.  The Committee also handles the exhibitors and vendors show during the conference where the most current fire apparatus and equipment is displayed.

Chairperson:  Deputy Chief Ray Larson, Deerfield/Bannockburn FPD,

Annual Symposium

The symposium committee is tasked with creating and overseeing a mid-year educational and networking event centered on current topics relevant to the Illinois fire service. The symposium is also home to hosting special recognition events exclusive to the Illinois Fire Chiefs Association as well as creating several networking activities for the good of the association.

Chairperson:  Fire Marshal Eric Norlin, Lincolnshire-Riverwoods FPD


Chairperson:  Chief Dave Riddle, Plainfield FPD

Consulting Services

The IFCA Consulting team provides detailed analysis and studies specializing in public safety, technology and planning. The scope of services provided includes but is not limited to: 

Strategic Planning; Consolidation of Jurisdictions Studies; Accreditation and ISO consultations; Station and Apparatus distribution studies; Finance and Budget review; Capital Improvement Planning; Staffing and Organizational Review; Operational Analysis; Management Consultation.


Data & Resource

Chairperson:  John Buckley, Pleasantview FPD(ret)


The DEI committee of the Illinois Fire Chiefs Association is tasked with providing tools and resources to improve the diversity, equity, and inclusion of the Illinois Fire Service. Our various partnerships have served our mission well to include DEI in all aspects of the Illinois Fire Chiefs Association’s operations. The committee conducts outreach efforts with articles, the monthly association newsletter, and various other avenues. We are also working to bring national level speakers and programs to the state.  In addition, we work closely with the conference committee to ensure many perspectives are presented by the speakers. We are leveraging the assets of the International Fire Chiefs Association to help provide some best practices as well as guest speakers. This committee will be part of the ongoing effort to improve DEI throughout the state.

To accomplish our goals, we meet regularly and are working on various subcommittees to accomplish our goals.  These committees are:

Education/Training          Outreach/Communications          Recruiting          Work Plan development

Chairperson:  Chief Mick Smith



Chairperson:  Chief Kent Adams

Fire Chief Emeritus

The status of Fire Chief Emeritus is an honorary title for retired Fire Chiefs for meritorious service to their community, and the profession.  It is reserved for those retired Chiefs who have had distinguished careers and whose significant contributions within their communities, the state, and nationally that has set them apart from their peers.  Fire Chief Emeritus status confers recognition for many years of outstanding service and is considered an honor bestowed on Fire Chiefs of extraordinary distinction.

Chairperson:  Chief Joe Holomy, Effingham FD (ret)

Fire Chief of the Year

The IFCA Fire Chief of the Year Program is designed to recognize significant, ongoing contributions in our profession at the local, state and national level.  It is our intent to acknowledge Fire Chiefs who have had a positive impact in public education and life safety advancements, innovative and entrepreneurial efforts and accomplishments; education and/or credential portfolio; public-private sector contributions; and other significant recurring performance hallmarks of our profession.

Chairperson:  Chief Tom Styczynski, Alsip FD

Funeral Committee

The IFCA will supply officers to help the department with the planning and arrangements of a funeral. They will assist with protocols to honor the memory of the fallen firefighter. They will work with the department to allow members to perform any roles they can.

Chairperson:   Chief Jim Klinefelter, Shannon FD,                               

Interim Fire Chief

The “Responder” Interim Fire Chief Program is designed to fill the void created by the sudden departure of a fire chief.  We can provide you an interim fire chief that has the education, skills, experience and seasoned leadership ability to keep your fire department functioning during a time of incredible need.

Chairperson:  Chief John Buckley, Executive Director IFCA


Legislative Liaison: Chief John Buckley, Executive Director IFCA


Chairperson:  Chief Greg Earle, Centralia FPD

Nomination Committee

The immediate past president is the chair of the nominations committee and is responsible for coordinating the election of board officers at the annual meeting.  He is responsible for speaking with incumbent and new candidates to ensure a full slate of qualified officers and providing that information to the administrative assistant in order to prepare the election information and ballots for the annual meeting.

Chairperson:  Chief Rich Mikel, Elk Grove Village FD

Procedures and By-Laws

Chairperson:  OPEN

Promotional Evaluation & Assessment Service

The Illinois Fire Chiefs Promotional Evaluation and Assessment Service was organized in 1975 to assist fire departments and fire protection districts in the selection of personnel for supervisory positions from the rank of Engineer through Fire Chief, utilizing the Assessment Center type methodology.  Our Assessment Center processes are fully compliant with the Promotions Bill and all our Assessors are annually certified to comply with the rules established by the Joint Labor Management Committee (JLMC) and Office of the State Fire Marshal.

Chairperson: John Buckley, Executive Director IFCA

State Fair

The State Fair Committee works with the Illinois Fire Service Association to ensure that the fire services booth at the Illinois State Fair is adequately manned.  Typically, the Illinois Fire Chiefs will be responsible for complete staffing of the booth on one Sunday. Assistance is needed from all members to ensure that every station is manned throughout the day.

Chairperson: Chief Joe Henning, Quincy FD (ret).

Volunteer & Combination Chiefs

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Are You Interested in a Committee Assignment?

Many of our members have made inquiries regarding the process of participating on an IFCA Committee.  Those requests are truly appreciated and welcomed as we work to become more involved in partnerships and other projects that warrant our Association’s representation.  Therefore, we are simplifying the administrative process of applying by the creation of an application.  That application is titled IFCA Request for Committee Assignment” and is attached for your use. 

So how simple is it? Just complete the Request for Committee Assignment application and forward to the IFCA office along with a cover letter, stating your availability to serve, and a resume.  Once received, the request will be brought before the Executive Board and/or Committee Chairperson for review and possible assignment.  That’s it!

Again, we welcome your participation.

Download IFCA Request for Committee Assignment

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