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Why Use IFCA Consulting Services?

Long-range planning has long-term consequences, sometimes with disastrous effects. IFCA Consulting Services can help you avoid the oversights that will derail your new projects. Our cadre of fire service professionals have the experience and expertise to assist you make the best decisions for your growing needs. IFCA Consulting Services offer detailed analysis specializing in public safety policies, technology and planning.

Our members have assisted law enforcement, emergency medical providers, private industry, and of course, the fire service. Since IFCA consultants are leaders in the fire service, they can deliver a unique perspective to help forecast future functional needs of public safety agencies and identify technologies to support those functions.

The IFCA team will listen to your needs and concerns, then prepare a solution incorporating best practices, budget constraints and innovative designs.

We Understand Current Issues

Leadership in the public safety arena faces a formidable challenge in delivering state-of-the-art service within constrained budgets in this era of rapid change. The enterprise of public safety must adapt to our changing world, both in organizational thinking and in new strategies. IFCA Consulting Services can provide you with a forward-looking perspective to support your organization’s mission.

IFCA Consulting Services use a core of professional fire service leaders, both active and retired, as well as other public safety experts to offer a well-rounded and diverse pool of talent. Each IFCA partner and associate brings unique skills and knowledge to enhance the overall goal of providing each client the best solution for their organization within the constraints provided.

Scope of Services Available

  • Accreditation Consultation
  • ISO Advice
  • Apparatus Specification
  • Manpower / Staffing Study
  • Bureau Structure & Practices
  • Management Consultation
  • Consolidation of Jurisdictions
  • Operational Analysis & Review
  • EMS Practices & Upgrades
  • Organizational Review
  • Fire Station Location
  • Referendum Planning
  • Finance & Budget Survey
  • Strategic Planning
  • Water Supply Evaluation
  • What’s Your Need?

What Does it Cost?

IFCA Consulting Services charge a very competitive fee, based on the client’s requirements, that is usually significantly lower than private consulting firms. We use a team of public safety experts to offer optimal solutions. We can provide you a quote once we understand the scope of your project.

Why Use the Illinois Fire Chiefs Association?

IFCA Consulting Services take a detailed, structured approach to problem analysis so we can offer you innovative solutions to implement forward-looking “best practices.” IFCA Consulting Services offer the benefits of improving organizational structure, strengthening morale, cultivating management methods and optimizing service level capabilities.

Ask one of our satisfied clients how IFCA Consulting Services have improved their agency:

Antioch FD 

Barrington-Countryside FPD

Bourbonnais FPD

Bradley FD

Carbondale FD

City of Columbia FD

Coal City FPD

Crystal Lake FPD

East Dundee-Countryside FPD

Elwood FPD

Franklin Park FD

Gardner Volunteer FD

New Lenox FPD

Peotone FPD

Manhattan FPD

St. Charles Countryside FPD

Troy FPD

Warrenville FPD


IFCA Consulting can provide you with a forward-looking perspective to support your organization’s mission. 

For more information:

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