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Fire Officer Advanced Fire Officer

The OSFM Fire Officer State Certification Advisory Committee (SCAC) is excited to announce a new era of Fire Officer Development and Certification in the State of Illinois. The Fire Officer SCAC has been working to update the current Fire Officer I & II Certification Program to comply with the 2014 edition of NFPA 1021 – Standard for Fire Officer Professional Qualifications. Students who complete all course requirements in the program will be granted full Advanced Fire Officer (Fire Officer II) Certification through the Office of the State Fire Marshal. Students must attend all phases of the training program to be eligible for certification of this highly interactive program.

This course is designed for the mid-level Advanced Fire Officer (AdFO). The Advanced Fire Officer course satisfies the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association - NFPA 1021 -  Standard for Fire Officer Professional Qualifications - Fire Officer II and the Illinois Office of the State Fire Marshal certification program. The AdFO program combines on-line/distance education with in-classroom practical applications to develop the student’s abilities to lead and manage multiple-fire company operations. Major responsibilities at this level include the International Association of Fire Chiefs Managing Fire Officer duties. This includes responsibilities in areas such as; Human Resource Management, Community and Government Relations, Fire Service Administration, Fire Inspections and Investigations, Emergency Service Delivery along with Firefighter Health and Safety.

Class Times:  0830-1630

Cost of Class - $1350.00

AdFO - March 25, April 22-26, May 6-10, 2024 - McHenry Twp FPD

AdFO - Oct 21, Nov 18-22, Dec 2-6, 2024 - North Palos FPD

The IFCA Educational & Research Foundation was not awarded any Grant Funded Classes for the first half of 2024.  We will post 2nd half courses once we hear about additional grants.

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