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Fireworks Opposition

Watch a video demonstrating what these "sparklers" really are.


The Illinois Fire Chiefs Association, representing over 1600 Chief Fire Officers in Illinois, is opposed to the expansion of fireworks sales in Illinois.  HB2121  has been assigned to the Consumer Protection Committee and SB1256 has been assigned to Executive Committee.  While touted as allowing the sale and use of “sparkling devices,” the devices being considered are much more than that.  We would ask that you take one minute to view this video from a distributor's website.  These are the "sparkling devices" that will become legal in Illinois.

If passed, this legislation would permit these devices, containing the maximum explosive powder allowable under Federal Regulations, to be completely unregulated in Illinois.  They would be available for sale anywhere – from a minimart to a big box store – without any restrictions.  They would be allowed to be ignited anywhere, without regard to the fire hazards presented.  Even in hazardous conditions, our members and law enforcement would not be able stop the ignition, including ignition by young children. 

Treating these devices as novelty items, as this legislation would, is exceptionally wrong.  These devices emit flame and sparks in an uncontrolled fashion for up to five minutes.  Once ignited, they can’t be stopped.  These devices often have pauses, making observers believe they have completed their ignition cycle, only to start again; once, twice or more times.  This pause provides another danger as observers may approach the device, thinking it is finished. 

These devices are not toys, they are not novelty items, they should not be available for purchase or use throughout Illinois without any regulation whatsoever.   

For more information, contact IFCA Lobbyist Chip Humes at 630-688-7552 or


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