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Chief Fire Officer


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Chief Fire Officer Information

Applications for the Chief Fire Officer program will be accepted throughout the year for the next available class.  Application Deadline for the 2024 Class is October 31, 2023. 

CFO Online Application available


The successful Chief Officer of any organization must possess diverse knowledge and skills not prevalent in the traditional aspects. However, there is a growing recognition of the critical role that education must play in building a quality organization. The Chief Fire Officer Certification program addresses those current issues and will provide the Chief Executive Officer with the tools needed to be a progressive leader.

This program replaces the Fire Officer III Program and meets the requirements for OFSM certification at the newly established Chief Fire Officer level.  This program meets all the requirements at the N.F.P.A. Fire Officer III and IV level.  The program is designed and intended for Command level officers and/or Administrative personnel. Officers preparing for a Chief level position are encouraged to apply.


The program consists of 340 hours of instruction and is composed of 13 modules over 14 months. 

1.   Leadership

8.      Strategic Planning

2.   Professional Development

9.      Working in the Community

3.   Communications

10.    Managing the Codes, Enforcement Process & CRR

4.   Legal Issues

11.    Emergency Management & Response Planning

5.   Human Resources

12.    Life Safety Initiatives

6.   Intergovernmental Relations

13.    Resiliency/Mental Health

7.   Budget and Finance Issues

14.    Four Leadership Discussions


Click HERE Tentative Course Schedule December 2023 through January 2025


Personnel seeking chief level positions This program is designed and intended for Chief Officers and/or Administrative personnel. However, because of the diverse organizational structures and administrative responsibilities that an applicant may have, each application packet will be reviewed for possible admission into the program. The sponsoring department’s Fire Chief and or designee will be required to approve the student’s entrance into the program & acknowledge the commitment from the department and that the student for this course will complete all assignments and attendance requirements associated with the Program.


The program begins with an in-person Mandatory Orientation. When all educational components are met an end-of-course certificate will be awarded.


For those candidates enrolled in the Chief Fire Officer program, the tuition is $4,500 for personnel attending in-person and $6,000 for personnel meeting the requirements to attend on-line. This fee includes all educational materials.

The IFCA is working on the potential of a 50% tuition waiver through a scholarship process.  This will only be available for students that have no opportunity for tuition payment or re-imbursement from their department.  This option is solely for students that are self-funding the CFO program.

Once the application is received, it will be evaluated by the selection committee. the applicant will be notified of his/her status no later than one month prior to the start of the program.

We are making every effort to make the program as paperless as possible.  Applications will be completed online through the link

Chief Fire Officer Video

Should you have further questions please contact:

Jim Dominik
Phone: 847-567-2601



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