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Promotional Assessment Centers

Reliance on past performance and one or two testing processes may not result in the selection of the BEST person for promotion.  The Assessment Center process conducted by the Illinois Fire Chiefs Assessment and Consulting Services can assist Fire Chiefs, Fire Commissioners, Human Resource Directors and other key leadership in the promotional procedure by providing insight into a person’s ability to perform in the new position.


Is it worth the time, effort and cost?  

As a professional, critical partner in public safety service delivery, industry professionals agree that no cost, time or effort should be spared to select the right person for promotion.  The outcome of selecting supervisors in the fire service is relatively permanent and the need to make the right decision on candidate abilities avoids failures within your organization.  However, financial considerations must be taken into account, which is why the Illinois Fire Chiefs Association formed the Assessment and Consulting Service to provide a professional, cost-effective approach to the promotional process.  We are a leader in this service and bring current, professional, highly trained leaders to your organization to give you the greatest chance to make informed decisions for the future of your organization.

Additional Components

  • Training Workshop: Recommended for all the candidates prior to the Assessment Center- provides an overview and expectation of the Assessment Center. Four (4) or eight (8) sessions available.
  • Post Assessment Candidate Review: Discuss strengths and weaknesses with the candidates and/or commissioners.

“Selecting the right person for promotion is always a difficult process” 

“One of our strongest assets is we customize your Assessment Center so that it’s exercises are based on the actual policies and practices of your department”


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