2015 IFCA Educational & Research Foundation Scholarship Program Is Now Open!

Each year the Foundation, in cooperation with the Illinois Fire Chiefs Association, coordinates a scholarship program made possible by the generosity of various donors.
The objective of this scholarship program is to assist individuals desiring to further their academic background through courses in the Fire Services or related certification programs.  Individual scholarships are to be awarded in various amounts up to $2,000.
Who is Eligible . . . any person who is an active member of a recognized Fire Department in the State of Illinois.
How to apply . . . applicants must complete all sections of the application.  In addition, attach an essay of approximately 250 words stating why you are applying for financial assistance and why you believe a scholarship will be useful to you.
In evaluating the applications, consideration will be given to those demonstrating need, desire, initiative, and carrying endorsement.  Documentation of previous academic achievement should be furnished.  

Regionally Accredited Colleges or Universities . . . for those applicants who are requesting to attend a college or university, consideration will only be given to applicants who are attending regionally accredited colleges or universities.

Scholarship Applications must be submitted electronically by March 15, of the year.

Scholarship Chairman, Chief Tom Freeman

Illinois Fire Chiefs Educational & Research Foundation

2012 Procedure for Scholarship Reimbursement

IFCA Foundation Scholarship Donor Form

IFCA Foundation Scholarship Lasting Tribute Donor Form

Congratulations to the 2013 Scholarship Recipients!

2013 IFCA Foundation Scholarship Awards

The 2013 Scholarship Program sponsored by the Illinois Fire Chiefs Association Educational & Research Foundation recently named the recipients of its 2013 grants. A total of 112 scholarships were awarded. The monetary value of this year’s grants totaled $89,100.00.

The Foundation Board of Directors extend their gratitude to the many varied groups and individuals who have supported this worthwhile program. We also thank the many individuals who applied. We encourage those who applied, but were not selected, to continue in their educational endeavors.

The following is a synopsis of the 2013 Program.

Total Applications: 258                    Types Applied For:                            Department Status:

Number of Grants Funded: 112        Associate Degree 41 (21)*                     Paid 235 (99)*

Number of Grants Awarded: 112     Bachelor Degree 65 (37)*                       POC / Vol. 22 (13)*

                                                        Masters Degree 25 (16)*

                                                        Doctoral 0 ( 0 )*

                                                        Other 13 (3)*

                                                        Certification 114 (35)* * Number Awarded