IFCA Recognition / Awards

Illinois Fire Chiefs Association Past Presidents

IFCA Past Presidents

who attended the 60th Annual Conference in October 2010 

Fifth Row (from Left to right):  John Schuldt, Tim Sashko, Joe Holomy 

Fourth Row (from left to right): Jay Reardon, Edward Cavello, Robert Buhs 

Third Row (from left to right): Dan Hermes, James Clark, James Grady III, Greg Render 

Second Row (from left to right):  Terry Mastandrea, James MacArthur, David Campagni, Terry Druggan 

Bottom Row (from right to left): James Quinn, Lanny Russell, Dale May, Steve Walters

Our Association is strong and committed to our mission which is a credit to our Past Presidents.  We owe them a debt of gratitude for their dedication and exemplary service.  We thank all those who have served as our President. 
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Illinois Fire Chiefs Association Past Presidents