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IFCA and Educational & Research Foundation Partnership Program

Increasingly, partnerships are a preferred approach to expanding horizons and achieving mission-driven goals. A partnership culture is one of mutual benefit and creative collaboration--early trends indicate that public, private and non-profit sectors are dedicating greater focus to this area inside and outside of organizational functions.

The Illinois Fire Chiefs Association, along with the Educational & Research Foundation has through the years, developed coalitions with state and national groups that have helped our association gain exposure and recognition

The Illinois Fire Chiefs Association partnership agenda is based upon relationships that are mutually beneficial. We build equitable relationships with the goal to improve professional practice and advancement through membership involvement.

A Partnership is:

  • A voluntary/contractual arrangement
  • working cooperatively
  • shared or compatible objectives
  • shared authority, responsibility and management for partnered project
  • joint investment of resources (time, work, funding, material, expertise, information)
  • shared liability or risk-taking
  • Mutual benefits (win-win situations)
  • Pooling of resources
  • greater operational flexibility
  • Generate Sales for your business & Web site
  • Generate Traffic and prospects for your Web site

What are the benefits for Partners?

  • Develop a wider base of support
  • access to a greater area of expertise
  • learn more about their target market / specific groups
  • enhance Association image and reputation