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Grant Information

The purpose of the Grant Program:

To conduct or cause to be conducted research into technical, life safety, scientific, and other problems confronting the fire service.

It is assumed that any grant received will be for the betterment of the individuals of the State of Illinois, not only firefighters.  The committee will be careful in its scrutiny of the grants and allowance of grants so that the widest range of benefit from these grants is obtained.  An example would be a county or statewide program rather than a program for an individual department or city.  The use of matching funds as is done in the scholarship program is endorsed in the grant program.

Credit is to be given to the Foundation for grants that are issued.  The Foundation's name should be listed on all programs and displays where the Foundation is involved through the grants program.

All applications will be in writing and submitted with the Illinois Fire Chiefs Association Educational & Research Foundation Grant Application.  The committee will consider a minimum and maximum for a grant in terms of money request.  The Grants committee will respond in writing of the acceptance or refusal of the grant.  If accepted, the Grants Committee will maintain contact with those receiving the grant to ensure that the intended purpose of the grant is followed.  Upon completion of the grant program, a final report of the programs success will be submitted to the Grants Committee.

For more information regarding the Grant Program, Please contact Director Margi Schiemann at mschiem@nicor.com

IFCA Grant Policy and Application Form