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                2018 CFO Registration Open - Classes begin January 2018            

What is the new “Chief Fire Officer" Certification?

This program replaces the Fire Officer III Program and meets the requirements for OFSM certification at the newly established Chief Fire Officer level.  This program meets all the requirements at the N.F.P.A. Fire Officer III and IV level.  The program is designed and intended for Command level officers and/or Administrators who have the responsibilities of supervising and administrating a Fire Department or Fire District.  Officers preparing for a Chief level position are encouraged to apply.

How is the course delivered?

The majority of the program is on-line with only one classroom session for each class.  The program is divided into 12 modules containing one class each and three independent study projects that require a written research paper.  

Where is the class?

The classes are taught at NIPSTA in Glenview once a month.  For students outside of the 150 mile radius of NIPSTA, the course is available on-line.  This allows participation in the classroom sessions from any computer with on-line access and a web cam.   

If I have a college degree or EFO will it help me with credit for some of the classes?

If the applicant currently holds a Bachelor's or Master's degree in a fire service management related area, public administration, or has completed the Executive Fire Officer from the National Fire Academy, a correlation study may eliminate the independent study port of the program.

I am already certified as a Fire Officer III but want to attain Chief Fire Officer Certification?

Fire service personnel currently certified at the Fire Officer III level wishing to attain Chief Fire Officer certification will need to meet the requirements of the new standard.  For most, completion of the Life Safety Initiative’s class will satisfy this requirement.  Once a correlations study is completed and the objectives are fulfilled, an application for Chief Fire Officer must be submitted.  Please watch the IFCA website for bridge class offerings at  under the Foundation tab.

What is the cost? 

The cost is similar to the other Fire Officer Classes.  There is an individual fee for each course of $300 and $100 for each independent study module.  For those candidates enrolled for the Full Fire Officer III program the tuition is $3,550.00. This fee includes all educational materials and administrative expenses.   Students enrolling in the entire program save $600 over the individual course cost.

Chief James Dominik, Ret.
PO Box 7, Skokie IL 60076-0007
Phone number: 847-567-2601
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Why Apply?

Today's Fire Service leaders and members are challenged to effectively and efficiently implement and address change in the workplace. All Fire Service Chief Officers and Administrators face a "sense of urgency" to provide the quality of services that is expected and demanded by all whom we serve.
The successful Chief Officer of any organization must possess diverse knowledge and skills not prevalent in the traditional aspects. However, there is a growing recognition of the critical role that education must play in building a quality organization. The Fire Officer III certification program addresses those current issues and will provide the Chief Executive Officer with the tools needed to be a progressive leader. 

Program Cost:  $3,550.00.  The cost includes books and materials needed for the classes.  Lunch will be provided on the class room day sessions.

Chief Fire Officer Course Schedule

Module 1: Leadership 

Module 2: Communications

Module 3: Personal & Professional Development

Module 4: Community Relations

Module 5: Intergovernmental Relations

Module 6: Human Resources

Module 7: Legal Issues

Module 8: Strategic Planning

Module 9: Emergency Management

Module 10: Code Enforcement & Public Education

Module 11: Budget & Finance

Module 12: Life Safety Initiatives