IFCA Membership Benefits

Why Join the Illinois Fire Chief s Association?

You are a fire chief – or aspire to be – or you serve as a deputy, assistant, or battalion chief. Your position places you in a leadership role. Yet, the position has never been more isolated, the task been more difficult, the resources fewer, or the challenges greater. Where do you turn for help?

The Illinois Fire Chiefs Association is a progressive leader in national and state fire service issues. As a member of the Illinois Fire Chiefs Association (IFCA), you have access to cutting-edge information about your profession, knowledge and training to succeed as a leader, networking with fire service experts, advocacy for fire service legislation, and the ability to discuss issues with other chiefs. Help is just a phone call away.

Join the premier fire chief organization committed to promoting your success.  Find the resources to help you excel.

How We Can Help You Succeed

A fire chief embraces many critical challenges – from personnel to planning, supplies to suppression, and discipline to decision making. Your colleagues share the same issues. 

We offer you tools to become more successful – to manage and lead more effectively. Our members – besides being local fire chiefs, like you – serve on state, national and consensus committees, and have access to the latest information and coming trends. You benefit from their expertise and involvement. Whether you attend a conference, review the web site, read the Gong, or call to ask a question, YOU will broaden your skills! YOU will evolve and develop professionally! YOU will become a better fire chief!

Your voice in the Association – through our participation and voting – makes us stronger and better able to meet the needs of Illinois fire chiefs

Become a Leader in the ILL INOIS Fire Service!

Illinois is in the forefront of fire service change and the IFCA leads the way. 

We have developed a cadre of fire service leaders that can assist you cope with current and future public safety challenges. Our Executive Board and dedicated committee members represent our Association at local, regional, state and federal meetings related to the fire service and EM S. Our proactive, engaging approach provides our Association and YOU with opportunities to succeed every day! 

Using the strength of our membership, the IFCA is a strong advocate for the fire service and our citizens. In partnership with other fire service and associate organizations, you as a member are provided with cutting-edge information through a variety of networking channels. 

The Illinois Fire Chiefs Association invites YOU to become an active member in our dynamic organization. TOGETHER, we can continue to influence the delivery of fire, emergency medical services and special operations to our citizens, and help support the needs of our firefighters and officers.

Download our application and join today!